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The authorisation can be given either verbally or in writing. You can fill in and print out a complete power of attorney here for signing: Open power of attorney.

Having been authorised, you commit to submitting the customs declaration and paying the import duties on behalf of the recipient of the consignment. Instructions for the authorised person: Submit the declaration in your own name and provide your own details as recipient details. Posti delivers the postal consignment directly to the recipient stated in the consignment or to the post office closest to the recipient even though the customs declaration is lodged by an authorised person.

The warehouse keeper storing the freight consignment releases or delivers the consignment to the recipient. You can authorise another person to clear a consignment and pay the import duties to Customs on your behalf via the Import Declaration Service.

Posti delivers the postal consignment directly to the recipient stated on the consignment or to the post office nearest to the recipient.

If you do not know or you cannot find out the contents of the postal consignment even from its sender, you can make a forwarding agreement with Posti, in which case Posti takes care of the customs clearance.

You can contact Posti on or huolinta at posti. The roles of Posti and Customs in online purchases. You can download games, computer games and music off the internet tax-free from any country you chose. They do not have to be cleared through customs either.

More questions about ordering goods online. You save time and effort when you do not have to visit a customs office. You can clear your postal consignment as soon as the item tracking service displays a notification saying that the delivery has arrived at the customs warehouse. You have to carry out customs clearance within 20 days of the arrival date. You can also wait for the notification of arrival from Posti. If you receive a gift you have to ask the sender to clarify what the gift is and how much it is worth, so that Customs can define whether it is a gift that can be released without customs clearance.

Gifts worth more than 45 euros are to be cleared through Customs, and import taxes are levied on them as for any other online purchase. Clearing gifts through Customs. Go to the Import Declaration Service. If the postal consignment is not cleared within 20 days, the consignment will be returned to the sender.

In the case of ordered goods, inform the seller that you have cancelled your purchase. Before the expiration of the storage time you may notify Posti that you refuse to receive the consignment and that you wish for it to be returned to the sender. An EU-wide guarantee may be used in more than one Member State. The guarantee can be lodged in Finland and used for customs clearance in EU-countries where the guarantee is in force.

Correspondingly, the guarantee can be granted in another EU-country and used for customs clearances in Finland. The EU-wide guarantee can be granted for import, special procedures, transit and temporary warehousing. More questions about Customs clearance. Section 66 of the Tobacco Act provides for time limits on passenger imports of tobacco products and nicotine fluids from non-EEA countries.

Similar time limits are implemented through alcohol legislation for restricting imports of alcoholic beverages by passenger on trips of short duration. According to the government proposal for a Tobacco Act, time limits are implemented for preventing illegal trade in tobacco products, and for preventing the entry into the Finnish market of tobacco products that are in violation of the Tobacco Products Directive.

Customs supervises and controls arriving and departing goods and passenger traffic. Customs supervises compliance with time limits concerning imports of tobacco products and nicotine liquids in connection with other customs enforcement through passenger and goods control measures aimed at different forms of traffic.

Before the vehicle is scanned, the driver assures Customs in writing that there is no one in the vehicle. Nevertheless, the radiation dose received during a scan is so small as not to pose any danger to humans. A normal medical x-ray examination gives a higher radiation dose to a patient. Customs does not under any circumstances scan people. Customs can order a person to undergo a bodily search that is performed in the form of an x-ray examination.

The x-ray examination of a person is a medical procedure and is always undertaken under the supervision of a doctor. To carry out a customs inspection of a person does not require any evidence or suspicion of any offence. The selection is based on a risk assessment or other observation made by Customs. According to a decision by the Parliamentary Ombudsman, stopping a person and discussing with him or her does not yet constitute a customs inspection.

More questions about customs control. A person residing in Finland who arrives in Finland from outside the European Economic Area by means other than by air and whose journey has continued for no more than 24 hours is not allowed to bring in tobacco products or nicotine-containing liquids. However, an exception to this general rule allows the person to bring in tobacco products and nicotine-containing liquids if it is apparent that they were obtained before the person left Finland.

For instance, warning labels in Finnish and Swedish can be taken as an indication that the product was bought in Finland. The right to bring in personal medicines depend on whether you are bringing the medicines from another EU country or from outside the EU.

There are separate regulations on bringing in medicines classified as narcotics. If retail packages of tobacco products do not bear the required health warning images in Finnish and Swedish, you are not allowed to bring more than cigarettes to Finland even by paying taxes. A private person is allowed to bring to Finland no more than a total of 1 grams of chewing tobacco, nasal snus and oral tobacco snus in one calendar day for personal use.

The said products cannot be brought to the mainland as gifts. It is prohibited to acquire and receive chewing tobacco, nasal snus and oral tobacco from outside Finland by mail or in any other corresponding way. More questions about travelling. You are allowed to bring in two litres of beer free of tax from or to the Åland Islands.

Otherwise, the same quantity limitations that apply to imports from outside the EU also apply to imports from Åland, as well as from the Canary Islands. There are no quantitative restrictions on alcohol released for consumption i. Bringing alcohol from your trip. More questions about the Åland Islands. You may, if your permanent residence has been outside the customs and fiscal territory of the EU for a continuous period of at least 12 months before moving to Finland, and the other conditions for exemption from customs duties and value added tax are met.

You can bring in your removal goods to Finland free from customs duty and value added tax within 12 months after your move. Moving to Finland from outside the EU customs and tax territory. If you are moving from outside the EU to Finland, your permanent residence will have to have been outside the customs and fiscal territory of the EU for a continuous period of at least 12 months, then you can be granted exemption from customs duties and value added tax if the other conditions are met.

If you are moving from outside the EU to another EU country, you will have to clear your removal goods through customs in that country. Then, if you move from that EU country to Finland, your move takes place within the EU and your removal goods will not have to be cleared in Finland. More questions about moving. Gifts sent from outside the EU from a private individual to another that are worth up to 45 euros, and meant for the personal use of the consignee or their family members, are usually duty free and tax exempt, given that the nature and quantity of the goods does not imply commercial intent.

Value added tax and excise duty are always collected when the gift consignment arrives from outside the customs and fiscal territory of the EU and contains cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, pipe tobacco and cigarette tobacco, alcohol or alcoholic beverages. As a consignee, you always have to clear any gift worth over 45 euros, since it is subject to tax. Read more about other gift consignments that need to be cleared through Customs. Even if the consignment is a gift, you must provide a receipt, invoice or other credible proof for the customs clearance, so that the value of the gift can be confirmed.

Read more about clearing gifts through Customs. Please note that many export restrictions also apply to gift consignments. Restricted goods include drugs that are classified as narcotics, goods made from endangered plants and animals, firearms and firearm supplies and cultural goods. The sender is responsible for finding out what the current export restrictions are, as well as the import restrictions of the country of destination. You can get more information about such restrictions e.

Finnish Customs does not provide information about the import restrictions of other countries. Read more about sending postal parcels on www. More questions about gift consignments. It is prohibited to acquire and receive oral tobacco snus , chewing tobacco and nasal snus from outside Finland by mail or in any other corresponding way. Onko tämän paikan sisäänpääsylle suosituslahjoitusta? Suosittelisitko tätä paikkaa tai aktiviteettia lapsiperheille?

Onko tämä paikka tai aktiviteetti suljettu tiettyinä aikoina vuodessa? Onko tämä ehdoton kohde, jos matkustat suuren ryhmän yli viisi henkilöä kanssa? Voiko tässä paikassa tai aktiviteetissa maksaa luottokortilla?

Onko tässä paikassa tai aktiviteetissa baaria? Ovatko tämän paikan tai aktiviteetin hinnat kalliit? Sopiiko tämä paikka tai aktiviteetti kaikenikäisille? Liittyykö tämä paikka tai aktiviteetti mielestäsi luontoon? Jaa muita kokemuksia ennen kuin lähdet. Kirjoita arvostelu Arvostelut 9. Lue mitä matkailijat sanovat: Ion-Daniel P Bukarest, Romania. Kysy kaverilta Ion-Daniel P yrityksestä Kazeboo. Kysy kaverilta Veronica M yrityksestä Kazeboo. Giorgiana B Brasov, Romania.

Kysy kaverilta Giorgiana B yrityksestä Kazeboo. Irene A Bukarest, Romania. Kysy kaverilta Irene A yrityksestä Kazeboo. Radu M Bukarest, Romania. Kysy kaverilta Radu M yrityksestä Kazeboo.

.. Even when you can take the alcohol products with you after the inspection, the inspection may lead to tax consideration. Customs controls alcohol brought in smoking whore omakuva porno travellers from within the EU and can inspect such alcohol. When necessary, the Tax Administration may contact you, and you have the responsibility to account for the purpose of use of the alcohol products even after the import. How much snus can I bring from abroad? BoxHelsinki. If Customs has detained excise products you have brought in, wait for the Tax Administration to contact you.

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